Mr Fox's Cocktail List



There’s no better way to welcome summer than with one of these fresh and funky cocktails. When the hot weather is out in force you’ll laughing in its face after 1 or 2 of these:


American Aviator                                  18

Aviation Gin with Creme de Violette, citrus and our house made lychee reduction are shaken and served straight up with champagne and elderflower foam top.


Foxy Fizz                                             18

Burleigh’s Gin meets Creme de Myrtille and citrus, shaken and served straight up, topped with prosecco and frozen raspberry bits.


Kiss Of The Dragon                                   19

Our house made mandarin and Heering reduction is the feature of this tasty cocktail. Burleigh’s Gin and Dom Benedictine join in for a quick, sharp shake and strain. Topped with Mandarin froth.


Pomegranate Pisco Sour                               19

Fresh out of Peru, this delightful classic with a twist should serve you well. Tangy Campo de Encampo Pisco mixes with our house made pomegranate curacao, lime and egg white. Served straight up with a sprinkle of frozen pomegranate bits.


Clyde’s Cucumber Smash                               20

All the way from the most famous of Scottish Firth’s, Hendricks Gin joins fresh muddled cucumber with St Germain elderflower liqueur, lime and a touch of mint.


Pink Persuasion                                     20

La Fee – Absinthe Superieure is beaten to death alongside orgeat syrup, grenadine, egg white and a touch of lime. If you don’t like absinthe you’ll be persuaded after tasting this cocktail...



Despite being summer, we do live in Sydney and you’ll know as well as any how quickly things change with our weather. For when the storms come, here are a few boozier options to keep you warm:


Tiny Tiki Totem                                    19

Baron Samedi spiced rum pairs with our house made spiced peach puree and lime. Shaken and served over ice with a flaming passionfruit-absinthe garnish.


The Rosemary Tazz-Lova                             20

This is our head bartender’s pride and joy. Developed over many years of trial and error this is THE greatest sour you will ever have. Barrel aged gin, lemon, maple syrup & egg white blends with the rare French chestnut fortified liqueur ‘liqueur de chataignes’ and fresh rosemary. Whipped within an inch of its life then shaken over ice and served straight up with a rosemary sprig, this cocktail will take you to heaven.


Crazy Like a Fox!                                   18

This tasty treat, much like a back-packer’s mind about where they want to go to, changes every day. Our bartender will pick his poison at the start of the shift and it’s up to you if you’re game to order it. A great idea if you can’t decide what you want.


Seelback Special                                     20

This cocktail hails from London, UK. It was a signature special from an old cocktail bar in Westminster. The original recipe calls for a dry curacao however we prefer the slightly more bitter Cointreau to join the spicy rye whisky, aromatic & Peychauds bitters stirred and topped with a Chardonnay Pinot sparkling and orange peel oils.



Or ask your bartender for any classic cocktail you fancy

Note: all our foams contain egg white

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